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Direct Drive Friction Welding

【Direct Drive Friction Welding Cycle】

  • One work piece is attached to a motor driven unit – the other piece is held stationary
  • The motor driven piece is rotated at a constant speed
  • The work pieces are moved together and a welding force is applied
  • This continues for a predetermined time or until a preset amount of upset takes place
  • The drive is disengaged and a brake is applied
  • Welding force is maintained or increased for a time after rotation ceases

【Direct Drive Friction Welding Parameters】

  • Welding speed (RPM)
  • First friction pressure (P)
  • First friction time (seconds)
  • Second friction pressure (PSI)
  • Second friction time (seconds)
  • Forge pressure (PSI)
  • Forge cooling dwell time (seconds)
  • Upset distance
  • Angular rotation stopping point




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