What’s a Turnkey System?


  A Nitrex turnkey nitriding system is much more than a standard furnace with controls. It’s a comprehensive solution that starts with a client and application assessment, equipment proposal and design, manufacturing, process testing and recipe proofing, continuing to logistics, onsite installation, training and commissioning to plant integration, and after-sales value-added services.

  This turnkey approach means an integrated nitriding system that delivers superior quality and reliability year after year while optimizing the performance and cost efficiency of the application.





  【Furnace, Controls, and Software】
  Based on a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and project, our expert team tailors the optimal solution.


  【Technology & Process Design】
  Nitrex metallurgists develop a unique process based on the requirements of the application, then proof the recipe in our test laboratory.


  【Logistics & Project Management】
  Our knowledge of import and export procedures, and know-how in handling special cargo, enables us to ensure stress-free delivery of projects. Project managers coordinate and execute client projects right from the start through to final acceptance, communicating with the client on an on-going basis about the status and progression of their project.


  【Startup, Integration and Training】
  Nitrex pre-stages and tests the system in its own facility to shorten the installation time at the customer. During and after commissioning, training is included that covers operation, maintenance, and calibration procedures, as well as technology transfer.


  【After-Sales Services】
  Our portfolio of maintenance and support services includes on-site troubleshooting and new process development, as well as service contracts to ensure that equipment operates optimally while minimizing unnecessary downtime and costly repairs.






  Equipment integration and plant automation solutions are increasingly used to enhance performance and productivity as a way to offset high operating costs. Nitrex nitriding systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing production lines or automated manufacturing facilities. When a Nitrex system becomes part of an automated manufacturing environment, operational efficiency is further enhanced, maximizing equipment usage and yielding a lower production cost per piece. When configured to operate in a fully automated environment, loads are transferred automatically by PLC-controlled charge cars guided by a laser positioning system. This enables high volume production with continuous 3-shift “lights-out” operations and no operator involvement. This advanced level of automation minimizes setup and throughput time, optimizes workflow, prevents costly operational errors associated with manual handling of parts or loads, and achieves the highest level of quality in a cost-effective manner.


Nitrex furnaces integrated into a production environment

Fully automated heat treating cell





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