The Nitrex Process Control System is a product of extensive research and development in process automation. Our design philosophy is to simplify control by using program capabilities to execute nitriding or nitrocarburizing processes in an automatic, self-adjusting and operator independent manner.


 The control system is programmable and logic based and is integrated with NITREG® family of technologies, which consists of individually customized recipes for different applications and materials with optimum results. More information about NITREG® on NITREG® FAMILY




 The Nitrex Process Control System is optimized to monitor and regulate all furnace functions, nitriding/nitrocarburizing cycles, alarms, and maintenance conditions.


The system consists of 3 distinct sections:

  • an industrial process computer with integrated I/O’s,
  • a gas panel with atmosphere analysis, flow and pressure measuring transducers, including the H2SmartTM and mass flow controllers, and
  • an electrical panel with a SCR/SSR controller for each heating zone.




  The uniqueness of this system lies in its ability to control the Nitriding (KN), Carburizing (KC) and Oxidizing (KO) potentials of the atmosphere in a continuous fashion. Such true process control means an automatic correction of flows and ratios of the inlet process gases, ensuring that the desired potential settings of the atmosphere is maintained. This type of control takes into account variations of the active surface of treated parts.



  The process control system operates via user friendly, menu-driven software, which assists and helps the operator in the selection of process cycles, equipment calibration, and troubleshooting. The desired cycle is selected from a library of NITREG® cycles designed and pre-tested by Nitrex. Once the cycle is selected, the computer takes over further operations until parts are ready for unloading.




  H2SmartTM is at the heart of the Nitrex process control. It ensures accurate measurement of hydrogen in nitriding and nitrocarburizing atmospheres. Its unique design with a variable output integral pump allows the set sampling flow rate to be automatically maintained. A flow control circuit complete with pump saturation warning and flow alarm insure reliable sampling and accurate readings.







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