The operator interfaces with the Nitrex Control System through a single control panel consisting of a monitor, and keyboard. The user friendly, menu driven Nitrex NPC software assists the operator in executing the necessary commands with respect to the nitriding process and other related functions.


 The Windows® XPE-based user interface contains all relevant information on the furnace, processes, jobs and stages. It graphically displays process variables such as temperature, flows, power output, nitriding potential, as well as the actual status of the nitriding process and the system equipment. This allows the operator to easily monitor the nitriding system.




What does it do?>>>


>>>NPC monitors and controls the following parameters and operating functions:

  • Furnace heating functions such as process temperature, and overheat control with automatic emergency procedures
  • Atmosphere composition and flow for a particular cycle
  • Nitriding atmosphere ratios
  • Nitriding Potential KN (dissociation rate for customer defined cycles)
  • Temperature for each process stage
  • Gas pressure inside the retort
  • Gas recirculation
  • Execution of the cooling stage and shutdown
  • Cooling water
  • Process safety features


How do I use it?>>>


>>>From the single-point user interface, an operator can:

  • Select, schedule and start a job
  • Abort a job as per user request
  • Automatically abort a job in case of crucial errors in the system
  • Resume interrupted job by emergency procedure
  • View list of current alarms and acknowledge alarms
  • Modify process parameters prior to initiating a process
  • Modify process parameters of current running job
  • View and print LOG files
  • View and print graph of selected process variables (temperature, pressure, etc.) for a selected job




Key development tools available with NPC include the:


  • Process Builder which allows authorized users to modify existing process parameters or to create new processes altogether; and
  • User Permission Manager which allows the administrator or User Manager to control access to the system and to configure the environment for particular users or groups of users. Each user has a list of permissions assigned. The User Manager uses this permission list to control the user's access to certain features of the system.




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