NITREG® represents a family of potential-controlled gas nitriding technologies. This technology enables creation of individually customized processes for different parts, applications and materials offering optimal results. The most significant characteristic of NITREG® and its derivative technologies is the ability to produce various configurations of the nitrided layer tailored to enhance wear, fatigue or corrosion resistance.


NITREG® potential-controlled (KN) nitriding also helps to:

  • eliminate closed nitride networks in the diffusion zone;
  • prevent over-nitriding and distortion of treated parts;
  • and produce stable results from one load to another.


Vickers indentations (load of 30 kg) on 4340 steel, nitrided to same specification
Conventional nitriding process
NITREG® nitriding process




 ONC® is an in-process post-nitriding or post-nitrocarburizing oxidation process with oxidation potential (Ko) control that has the dual effect of enhancing wear and corrosion resistance, while producing an attractive black finish on metal parts of various grades of steel.
 The process produces two distinct microstructure zones: the first is a white layer tailored to the requirements of the application and material, and the second, which is formed above the white layer, is a 1-2 μm [0.00004-0.00008”] complex oxide surface layer with added anti-corrosion properties.


Brake piston on right treated with ONC® shows first corrosion spot after 400 hours in the salt spray chamber test per ASTM B117. Part on left treated by competitive process and exposed to salt spray for an equal amount of time shows 60% of the surface area corroded.
L: competitive process // R: ONC® process




 NITREG®-C is a nitrocarburizing process with KN and Kc control that incorporates simultaneous diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into the steel surface.

 it also helps to:

  • quick formation of white layer on low-carbon unalloyed steel
  • low operational costs by utilizing economic gas compositions
  • stable ε-phase content in most types of steels





 NITREG®-S is a special nitriding technology with a proprietary de-passivation stage that removes oxides off alloying elements to allow nitriding of the metal to take over.
 NANO-STM is a surface hardening process that improves the wear and galling resistance of stainless steel components without affecting the inherent corrosion resistance. It diffuses nitrogen and/or carbon into the surface, creating a S-Phase structure that provides extremely high hardness.


NANO-STM reduces frictional wear and improves the operating efficiency of ball valves.




Nitridable Materials

  • carbon steels
  • cast irons
  • stainless steels
  • steel-based high density powder metals
  • alloy steels
  • cast steels
  • nickel alloys
  • titanium alloys





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