Solar Manufacturing is a privately held, U.S.-based company owned and operated by engineers and technicians who are investing in the future of not only our own company but that of our customers. With over 200 combined years of experience in vacuum furnace design, we provide vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces that are the highest performing, most cost effective, most energy efficient, and most technically advanced furnaces on the market. With this kind of expertise, we instill confidence in our customers and aim to build long term relationships in every project we tackle.


 Solar Manufacturing has also developed a name throughout the industry in Aftermarket Sales. Our engineers can improve your existing hot zone by designing a replacement hot zone that is durable, energy efficient and will improve cooling and heating. We also offer vacuum furnace spare parts and rapid tech support from industry experts.


 Solar Manufacturing is a member of the Solar Atmospheres family of companies. Solar Atmospheres is a progressive company and the largest independently owned commercial vacuum heat treater in the USA. Our affiliation with Solar Atmospheres gives us a distinct advantage in helping you choose the right vacuum furnace or replacement hot zone for your needs. Our metallurgists and experienced heat treaters possess extensive knowledge on a wide variety of materials and heat treating. We know which furnace features work and which don’t because we run and maintain 40 different vacuum furnaces 24/7/365 year after year.When experience counts, call the performance experts.


 With furnace models ranging from small, top-loading laboratory size with a work zone of 7.5” diameter x 14.5” deep to horizontal mid-size production furnaces to large car-bottom vacuum furnaces with a work zone of 54” x 54” x 288” and a load capacity of 50,000 pounds, we design for heat treat processes such as hardening, brazing, stress relieving, normalizing, annealing, tempering, and sintering. Featured are improved graphite insulation materials, curved graphite heating elements, tapered gas nozzles, high velocity gas quench systems, SolarVac 3000 interactive control systems, ConserVac energy management system and Magnetic Specialties Smart Power Supplies. Solar Manufacturing’s furnaces are the industry’s most energy efficient and maintenance free, time tested and proven durable.




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